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Email Protection

Promote global collaboration through understanding

Gone phishin'

Traditional techniques used to ensure email protection and guarentee optimal deliverability are no longer adequate.

Stop the absurdity of reactive approaches to protecting email communications and understand how your brand’s identity is being used online.

It all starts with a click

Minimize the noise directed at your workforce before the opportunity to click occurs and control the risks for those emails that come through.

Only through understanding how email is consumed in the enterprise can an effective email protection solution be designed.

Reduce unnecessary inbound and outbound emails, gain visibility of brand impersonation and protect your crown jewels from the Princes and theives out there.

Modern solutions for modern challenges

The problem

Over 90% of breaches start through phishing campaigns.

How do we we use technology to remain safe and how can we enable our people to be valuable allies in the fight against phishing.

The solution

Only through understanding how email is used can a truly valuable email protection strategy be implemented.

Let’s start the journey to understand how email is used in the enterprise, add some best practices and a lot of common sense while maintaining a controlled and layered defense in depth approach from edge filtering to time-of-click and througout the phishing playbook.


15% of all emails are malicious


75% of companies are not using dmarc


Over 90% of breaches start with phishing


Brand spoofing and impersonation threats rising

Stay safe out there

Get the most out of technology to control the biggest threats.