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Helping small to medium business on the road to recovery

We're here to help

Jinba IT launched in a once in 100 year pandemic, so we understand how much small to medium business need help right now.

We can help simplify costs and steamline IT so you can concentrate on what matters most:

Your staff and customers.

$50 End Point Pricing & Cost-Price Licensing

Computer, router, switch, server, O365 and more

Helping Small to Medium Business in Melbourne

Small to Medium Business with 1-100 end points

Available until September

Discounted rate applies until September 30, then returns to $100/ end point.

Work better together

Reduce risk. Enable opportunity. Achieve balance.

Transparent pricing that’s easy to understand

Our customer experience focus and our passion for understanding our customers’ businesses are the main areas that set us apart.

But pricing is another.

Many managed IT providers set up exceptionally complex contracts, hoping to lose you in the details. Not at Jinba IT.

Here at Jinba IT we offer managed IT services using fixed endpoint pricing. We charge $100 $50 per endpoint*, including computers, routers, switches and servers.

One flat price per device makes it simple to know what you’ll pay.

*Licensing fees are not included in this flat price since they vary widely from business to business.

Managed IT Services


Per Endpoint/ Month
*Until September 30

Perfect for small to medium businesses throughout Melbourne and surrounding suburbs

24/7 Server Support & Monitoring
Network Monitoring
Patch Management
Systems Auditing
End User Protection
Application Management

Who we are

Founded and operated by professionals that believe there is a world beyond corporate IT. Our vision is to bring business goals and objectives back into focus for IT.

Our mission is to:

  • Understand, control and minimise revenue loss due to downtime.
  • Rebuild the trust between the user community and IT which has been abused by poor or inadequate technical solutions and advice.
  • Align Business and IT goals
  • Provide thoughtful cyber security solutions and transparency

How we work with you

We didn’t start Jinba to just turn up, do the task and leave.

Through a consultative and transparent process we work with you and for you to ensure that both business goals and IT goals are reached with any project.

We also ensure competitive pricing by maintaining strong relationships with the best vendors and suppliers in the market today.

The difference at Jinba IT

We provide engaged IT support and thoughtful solutions to nurture successful businesses. Our goal is to support your business running smoothly without forcing you to come back for more break-fix or billable hours.

We perform IT project work so you can get the very best solutions relevant to your business today in order to achieve you goals tomorrow.

Worried about all those buzz words in the IT industry?

There are a never ending list of niche industry terms such as Cloud, Security, Automation, Migrations, Optimisation that can be overwhelming.

At Jinba IT we know it can be daunting, but the IT solution to your problem is just a phone call away.

Next steps?

Questions, observations, interests, fears… We want to hear them all!
We worry about the IT solutions so you don’t have to.