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About Jinba IT

Trust in Technology

About Jinba IT

What’s in a name?

Our name Jinba IT is derived from the Japanese term Jinba Ittai人馬一体 which translates as the unity of horse and rider as one body. The term is commonly associated with 4th Century horse archers called Yabusame. 

The Yabusame believed that over time, a symbiotic relationship developed between horse and rider, eventually allowing them to operate as a single being. Even the slightest shift in weight or focus by the rider or the horse causing a reflected reaction in the other. 

At Jinba IT, we draw on the ancient wisdom of the Jinba Ittai philosophy as we strive to create a truly balanced relationship between business (the rider) and Information Technology (the horse).

The Jinba IT Story

Jinba IT was founded by experienced IT professionals who had become disillusioned with the status quo within the IT services, consulting, and support industry. 

After several years of grand philosophical debates over many beers, the idea of Jinba IT was formed. 

We created Jinba IT as an agile start-up Managed Service Providerin order to provide simplify and streamline unnecessary IT spend, with the goals and objectives of our client’s business at the heart of everything we do. 

Compounded by a focus upon the utilisation, optimisation, cost streamlining, and automation of IT, we have been able to apply modern day thinking in order to provide true value, expertise, and long term solutions to our clients.

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The Jinba IT Mission

Utilise technology to empower Melbourne’s small and medium businesses


Foster the growth and success of both customers and employees

Ethics and accountability

Conduct business in an ethical and transparent manner

Our Core Values

Experience Counts

Jinba IT has over 30 years of combined IT industry experience in professional services businesses. Our belief in our technical expertise is something we take great pride in when ensuring the success of our clients. 


At Jinba IT, we define integrity as what you do when no-one is watching. We understand that companies trust their IT providers with their most vital and sensitive assets. We do not take this responsibility lightly and implement industry best practice solutions to ensure your data is secure and your invoices honest.


Jinba IT was founded because of our frustration with small to medium businesses being sold over-priced, unnecessary, or downright bizarre IT Solutions. To ensure our integrity we approach every potential partnership with transparency and trust at the forefront of our mind.

Listening and communication

The team at Jinba IT love to listen to and solve our clients’ business problems. Helping our clients understand the endless ways that technology can improve business capability is the cornerstone of what we do.


Information technology is continually changing which means the needs of companies change with them. By remaining agile we can adapt to changes in the market, and deliver the best solutions from tomorrow, today.

Who does Jinba IT want to work with?

The team at Jinba firmly can add incredible value to any organisation through the adoption, utilisation, optimisation, and automation of IT systems and infrastructure. 

We predominately work with small to medium businesses with employee sizes from 10-300 from Melbourne’s professional services sector. However as IT lovers, any organisation that wishes to invest in their future through IT is our ideal client!

Industry expertise

Over many years working for organisations of various types and sizes, the team at Jinba IT has built extensive knowledge in the below verticals which we can draw from to help your business succeed.  

  • Management consulting 
  • Legal 
  • Accounting, finance and wealth services 
  • Design and Marketing 
  • Real estate
  • Engineering 
  • Architecture 
  • Staffing and recruitment 
  • Not for Profit 
  • Energy and Mining 
  • Sports and event management 

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