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Our Story, Values, and Vision

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Redefining the Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365

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At Jinba IT, we merge professionalism with the pulse of the modern digital era, focusing our talents on Microsoft 365 to revolutionise your work environment.

Founded by industry veterans, we’ve set out to transform the managed service provider (MSP) experience into one that’s rooted in ethical practices, clear understanding, and genuine client relationships.

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From Vision to Reality

Our story isn’t just about where we’ve come from; it’s about where we’re going.

With a clear vision to create workplaces that are as productive as they are progressive, Jinba IT emerged from the collective ambition of experts who sought to infuse the IT sector with greater accountability and simplicity.

Our path has been about more than just technical solutions; it’s been a commitment to creating spaces where collaboration and innovation thrive through the smart application of Microsoft 365.

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Core Values That Guide Us

Our values are the compass that navigates our business and shapes the experiences we deliver:

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We approach every challenge with honesty and strive to build solutions that reflect the true needs of our clients.

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We cut through the noise to deliver clear, actionable strategies that empower you and your team.

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Ethical Service

Our moral compass ensures that we treat your business with the respect and integrity it deserves.

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To us, success is measured by the strength of our relationships and the growth of our clients.

Meet The Team

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Our strength lies in our people—a diverse team of enthusiastic professionals dedicated to redefining the MSP landscape.

Each member of the Jinba IT family brings unique expertise and a shared passion for excellence that ensures our clients receive unparalleled service.

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Joining Hands with

Our Clients

Managed IT Partners
We invite you to discover a partnership that extends beyond the usual client-provider dynamic. At Jinba IT, we’re not just supporting your business; we’re invested in it. Let’s embark on a journey to unlock the full potential of your business with the power of Microsoft 365 and the tailored expertise of Jinba IT.

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