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Strengthen Your Security from The Ground Up

Jinba IT offers comprehensive protection for your technology ecosystem, from Microsoft platforms to email communications. Guard against data breaches, phishing, and more with our industry-leading solutions.

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Better Protection for Your Technology World

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Improved Microsoft security to fight against data breaches

Essential Eight and CIS controls

Integration of Essential Eight and CIS controls

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Protect personal information on remote and mobile devices

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Guard against business email compromise (BEC) and phishing emails

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Ensure personal data is safe with enhanced identity protection

Microsoft Security

Your Microsoft Stack: Supercharged & Secure

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Sensitive information flows through a business like water through a riverbed, but with cyber threats on the rise, businesses can’t afford to be lax about their security. Jinba IT, with its comprehensive security strategy offerings, specialises in Microsoft’s ecosystem, ensuring your data remains untouched by malicious software. Our adherence to the Essential Eight and CIS controls not only keeps you protected but also compliant, setting the industry benchmark.

Microsoft platforms, from Office 365 to Azure, are often the targets of cyber-attacks, but our cloud-based solutions align with Microsoft’s best practices, guarding against threats from malware, ransomware, or phishing attacks and ensuring email addresses and other personal data remain uncompromised.

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Device Security

Your First Line of Defence Is Your Devices

The devices we use, from desktops to mobiles, are the gateways to our personal and sensitive information.

With the rise in remote working, the threat of data breaches has never been more pronounced. Jinba IT strengthens these gateways, ensuring cyber threats remain at bay, whether you’re in the office or on the move.

Real device security must go beyond traditional computing devices, and the team at Jinba IT understands this.

Our mobile security solutions let your team work from anywhere, on any device, without risking security breaches – with features like remote wipe, encryption, and timely software patching ensure that cyber adversaries can’t gain access to your business’s precious data.

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Identity Protection

Identity Protection Is More Than Knowing a Name

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The dark web is rife with instances of identity theft, a grave concern in the modern age. Protecting email addresses, personal information, and other sensitive data isn’t just about security; it’s about trust.

Jinba IT’s identity protection services ensure that every individual’s digital identity remains out of reach from malicious entities.

With multi-factor authentication (MFA), continuous monitoring, and proactive threat detection, we ensure unauthorised access is a tale of the past.

We are here to secure your identity and ensure that the personal data of every stakeholder remains uncompromised.

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Email Security

Ensure Your Communications Are Not Compromised

Email is often the weakest link, making it a favourite for cyber threats like phishing attacks and business email compromise (BEC).

A single phishing email can grant attackers access to sensitive data. Jinba IT places the utmost importance on email security, ensuring every communication, inbound or outbound, is scanned for threats.

Our advanced, cloud-based filtering systems provide an unparalleled shield against email-based threats.

We not only detect and quarantine threats but also educate teams to recognise and thwart them, ensuring their email accounts remain untarnished.

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Guard Your Business & Operations

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In a world where cyber threats lurk at every corner, Jinba IT stands as your trusted guardian.

Our award-winning cyber security services, rooted in the Essential Eight and CIS controls, provide comprehensive protection against all security threats.

From guarding against threats to protecting sensitive data, our strategies are meticulously designed for defence.

Whether you’re a start-up or a global conglomerate, our bespoke solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs and guarantee your ability to work securely anywhere, anytime.

Trust in our proven track record and let us handle the complexities of your digital environment. Your security is our mission.

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