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Transitioning to the cloud is a strategic evolution, not just a data shift. Elevate your business operations, harness cloud-native applications, and set the course for genuine digital transformation.

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Real-time operational enhancements

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Efficient “lift and shift” migration method

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Cloud Migration Services

Your Guide to Achieving Cloud Success

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Migration projects are not just about shifting data; they’re strategic moves because to migrate to the cloud means to leverage the power of cloud-native applications and services.

Platforms like Microsoft Azure have transformed how businesses operate and Jinba IT can help you unleash superior cloud performance to achieve your business goals more easily.

Let our tailored migration services guide your business toward true cloud success.

Choosing to migrate is only the first step in a migration journey that can redefine your operations. With our expertise, we ensure that every step of your journey is planned, executed, and managed to perfection, offering real-time advantages and cloud enablement.

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We don’t just offer IT solutions, we create IT experiences

Cloud Migration Solutions

Creating Cloud Strategies for Every Organisation

Every organisation is unique, and so is its cloud migration strategy.

Our cloud solutions cater to these distinct needs.

Whether it’s migrating virtual machines, handling migration of data, or integrating cloud-based applications, we have you covered from the very start.

We don’t just stop when the migration is over either. Post-migration is about ensuring stability in new cloud environments, so we offer continued support, ensuring your business is harnessing the full capabilities of cloud services, from public cloud offerings to specialised cloud platforms.

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Office 365 Migration

Maximise Benefits with Office 365

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Office 365 represents a paradigm shift in how businesses operate in a cloud-native world. It’s not just about migrating data; it’s about optimising the features and advantages of one of the most powerful cloud platforms available. Our team is adept at ensuring smooth and efficient Office 365 migrations, and we strive to help your business unlock the benefits that Microsoft can bring. Whether it’s an automated Office 365 migration from G Suite, now Google Workspace, or a more complex lift and shift, our cloud solutions and migration methods ensure minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.
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Server to Cloud Migration

From Traditional Servers to Tomorrow’s Cloud

Traditional servers have their limitations. The future? It’s in the cloud.

With Jinba IT, your transition from server to cloud is more than just a move; it’s a transformative upgrade. Our expertise in handling virtual machines, data, and applications ensures this.

The “lift and shift” approach is just one server to cloud migration method we employ. We also focus on cloud enablement, ensuring businesses are set up to harness the full potential of their cloud solutions, be it on Microsoft Azure, public cloud offerings, or other cloud platforms.

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Your Cloud Partner

Every Step of the Way

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Cloud migration is a journey, and every journey needs a reliable partner.

With Jinba IT, you’re not just getting technical expertise; you’re gaining a partner invested in your success. Our approach to migration projects is holistic, seeing beyond the immediate move.

From the initial discussions to the post-migration phase in cloud environments, our focus is on ensuring businesses experience the full benefits of cloud enablement.

With a blend of automated migration tools and hands-on expertise, Jinba IT is the partner that can guarantee a successful migration journey for every business.

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