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Optimised Microsoft Solutions for Modern Business

Enter a world where Microsoft’s powerful tools are tailored to your business needs. From comprehensive consulting to seamless Office suite implementations, we bring technology to the forefront of your operations.

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Empowering Your Microsoft Experience

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Expert Microsoft consulting services

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Comprehensive Microsoft 365 management and optimisation

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Secure, remote work enablement

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Proactive configuration and maintenance

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Tailored Microsoft Office suite implementations

Microsoft Consulting Services

Personalised Microsoft Consulting for You

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We provide unparalleled Microsoft consulting services aimed at leveraging the full spectrum of Microsoft technologies to foster business growth.

Our experienced consultants take the time to understand your operational needs, enabling a tailored approach in guiding you through the wide range of Microsoft 365 subscription options available.

We prioritise aligning our services including expert guidance on Dynamics 365, to your business objectives, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing processes.

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Technology is always changing, and having a reliable partner to help you leverage those changes at the right time is vital.

Our Microsoft consulting services are not a one-off transaction, but a long-term engagement where we walk alongside you in your digital transformation journey.

Be it cloud service optimisation or mobile app management; our consultants are geared towards ensuring your Microsoft setup is not only robust but also scalable to meet future demands.

We don’t just offer IT solutions, we create IT experiences

Microsoft Office Suite

Optimising the Office Suite Experience

The Microsoft Office suite is an indispensable toolkit for modern businesses.

Features include robust email address management, business-class email setup, and seamless calendar coordination across Windows devices. With our expertise, we tailor the suite to meet your specific operational needs ensuring a streamlined workflow whether you’re working in-office or remotely.

We specialise in fine-tuning the suite to ensure a harmonious workflow across all platforms, including mobile devices, enhancing both accessibility and convenience for your team.

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This extends to mastering the functionalities of individual applications like Excel or fostering better collaboration through Microsoft Teams.

Our expertly tailored implementations aim to propel your business to new heights of productivity and collaborative efficiency, ensuring you get the maximum value from your Microsoft investment.

Microsoft 365 Business

Discover the Right Microsoft Plan for Your Needs

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Navigating your way through the range of Microsoft 365 business plans can be overwhelming, but with Jinba IT, you’re in safe hands.

We carefully analyse your business requirements to recommend the Microsoft 365 plan that best fits your needs.

From advanced data loss prevention capabilities to leveraging the powerful features of OneDrive cloud storage, we make sure that every aspect is covered.

We know that app integration within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem facilitates a holistic approach to business process management. So, be it a cloud service requirement or mobile app configuration, we help you leverage the versatility of Microsoft 365 Business to provide a solid foundation for your digital operations.

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Managed Microsoft 365

Proactive & Comprehensive Microsoft 365 Management

Managing Microsoft 365 encapsulates a proactive approach towards maintaining a secure and optimised Microsoft environment. Our services encompass robust device management, ensuring that your mobile and Windows devices are configured for optimal performance and security. This extends to managing email addresses, ensuring a business-class email experience, and ample cloud storage per user on OneDrive. We go beyond just Microsoft 365 management; our goal is to optimise your Microsoft 365 setup to align with your business plan, ensuring a smooth operational flow that supports your strategic objectives. The blend of our technical expertise and personalised service equates to a managed Microsoft 365 service that’s in a class of its own.
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Where Technical Expertise

Meets Business Success

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Jinba IT’s Microsoft services are a synthesis of technical expertise, industry insights, and a genuine understanding of the Microsoft ecosystem.

Our holistic approach encompasses consulting services that guide you through leveraging Microsoft’s suite of apps and services to its fullest potential. From Dynamics 365 integration to configuring a seamless email and calendar system, every service is tailored to meet your unique business needs.

We are dedicated to forging a lasting partnership with you, offering more than just services; we provide a pathway to achieving technological and business excellence.

Our team is here to ensure that every aspect of your Microsoft 365 subscription, including business app implementation and cloud service management, is optimised to propel your business towards sustained growth and success.

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