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Enter an era where calls are clearer, video meetings are smoother, and collaboration is effortless. Embrace the future of communication with Jinba IT.

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Microsoft Teams

Shape The Way Your Business Communicates

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With Microsoft Teams, small businesses are experiencing a new era of communication. Jinba IT enhances this by ensuring that internal calls have impeccable call quality. Through our partnership with Office 365, we provide businesses with a complete communication solution. Beyond just messaging, we fine-tune Teams for optimal voice calling and real-time collaboration.
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Our expertise doesn’t stop at setup. Jinba IT dives deep into the advanced features of Teams, such as call recording, tailoring the platform to cater to unique business needs.

With us, you’re not just adopting a tool—you’re optimising your business communication strategy.

Video Conferencing

Flawless Video Conferencing Everywhere

Remote work demands top-tier video conferencing, and Jinba IT ensures that, whether you’re in a meeting room or on mobile devices, the experience is seamless.

Our solutions eliminate distance as a barrier, making every virtual interaction feel genuine.

With our commitment to unified communications, Jinba IT guarantees consistency across all devices. We understand the pitfalls of unreliable internet connections and device discrepancies, and our solutions are crafted to overcome these challenges.

With Jinba IT, your team’s focus remains on collaboration, not technical hiccups.

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Microsoft Teams Calling

Unite Your Teams with A Better Teams Experience

Microsoft Teams calling is revolutionising business communications, and Jinba IT takes this a step further.

We ensure that voice calls, whether internal or external, are crisp.

Integrating the VoIP phone system, even your traditional desk phones become a part of the seamless Teams experience.

Our expertise extends Teams calling to mobile devices without missing a beat. And with features like call recording and advanced call quality metrics, Jinba IT ensures that Microsoft Teams isn’t just a tool—it’s your business’s communication backbone.

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VoIP Services

Discover The Modern Approach to Calling

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While VoIP phone services are transforming communication, Jinba IT ensures businesses get more than just a new calling method.

We help businesses transition smoothly from traditional phone systems, maximising the benefits of VoIP, from cost savings to advanced features.

Small businesses, with Jinba IT, can access enterprise-level VoIP functionalities.

We integrate features like call recording seamlessly with tools like Microsoft Teams, ensuring that VoIP is a game-changer for your business communication.

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VoIP Solutions

VoIP – Designed Specifically for Your Needs

VoIP solutions should reflect a business’s unique needs. Jinba IT crafts these solutions, ensuring that every feature, from desk phone integration to unified communications on mobile devices, aligns with business goals.

Our solutions go beyond just replacing traditional phone lines.

Jinba IT’s VoIP solutions encompass advanced features tailored for businesses, ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve.

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Jinba IT isn’t just another service provider. We are your strategic partner in leveraging the full suite of Microsoft services. From configuring Office 365 to hands-on Microsoft Teams support, our focus is your business growth. Every tool, every service we offer aims to propel businesses forward. With our expertise in Microsoft Teams and VoIP solutions, even small businesses can compete on a global stage. Partnering with Jinba IT means you’re doing more than simply adopting technology—you’re embracing a brighter, more connected future for your business.

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