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Cloud Solutions Melbourne

Jinba IT implements the modern cloud solutions Melbourne businesses need

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Cloud Solutions in Melbourne:

Step Into a More Reliable, Scalable Future

Cloud computing services are the modern approach to handling your business’s computing needs – from storage and collaboration to disaster recovery.

In the traditional model, your business runs all your applications and services on servers you own. There’s an upside to owning your own servers, but there are plenty of downsides.

You’re on the hook for any outages or issues that come up. If your in-house team can’t solve it, you’re stuck until you can place a costly service call.

With cloud based solutions, many business applications and services run elsewhere, on a remote server or platform. Your employees can access these resources from anywhere with an internet connection.

Stability and scalability concerns are a thing of the past because you’re relying on some of the biggest (and most stable) names in business technology. They have the resources to scale and troubleshoot at a scale businesses simply can’t match in-house.

Stability and scalability are two of the greatest draws of cloud computing services. If your business is growing and you need more computing power, you can get it nearly instantly when using cloud services.

Don’t Be Startled by Unfamiliar Terminology: We Make Cloud Solutions Simple

The architecture behind cloud solutions can indeed be quite complex. Sometimes just reading about it can be daunting, with dense documents full of unfamiliar technology.

But at its core, cloud computing exists to simplify operations for users, not to complicate them. By partnering with a managed services firm to implement your cloud solutions, you get all the benefits without all the difficulties of unfamiliar terms.

Jinba IT understands the complexities underlying cloud architecture. We’ll take care of your cloud computing needs so you can keep taking care of your business.

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Cloud Solutions We Offer to Melbourne Area Businesses

We offer a wide range of cloud solutions to Melbourne area businesses. Solutions that Jinba IT support include these:

  • Public Cloud
  • Office 365
  • Colocation
  • Consulting
  • Azure
  • Hybrid

Every business is different, and, as a result, the ways that companies use cloud solutions vary widely.

You may have a very clear idea of what you need the cloud to do for you. Or you may be unsure exactly which of your current apps and processes would work better in the cloud. There may even be cloud solutions that solve problems you thought unsolvable!

Whatever your existing perspective toward cloud computing is, we’re ready to partner with you and show you what the cloud can do.

Migrating to Office 365, Microsoft’s Cloud Solution

Most Melbourne businesses depend on one version or another of Microsoft Office. With Office 365, Microsoft has fully embraced cloud solutions.

The applications look similar to previous versions, though there are plenty of powerful new features once you start to look. But the most significant changes are behind the scenes, affecting how the entire suite functions.

Microsoft Office 365 is built to run on OneDrive. The most powerful new features (such as simultaneous editing, versioning, and even AI-powered design tools) rely on the cloud computing aspects of the suite, too.

The challenge with migrating to Office 365 is that there are almost too many options. For the migration to run smoothly, you need clear governance in place that outlines how your business intends to use the platform.

We can help you craft this governance, enjoying a successful migration and top support services.

Online identity in the cloud

Office 365

Work better together. Communicate and collaborate on documents and work in real time.

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Explore modern approaches to device governance, management and security beyond the perimeter

Azure Active Directory

Pivot or extend existing access management and identity capabilities to the cloud

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Scale as you grow and transform your data centre.