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Voice and Internet

Get the connectivity you need to succeed at a price that doesn’t break the bank

voice and internet

Laying the right foundation

NBN has been a boon to Australia as a whole as well as to Melbourne businesses. But it has certainly brought disruption to many legacy technologies. Your business needs modern solutions for voice and internet connectivity.

Jinba IT is here to help. Below are the voice and internet services we offer for our business customers.

Hosted VoIP

Free your business from legacy PBX systems while streamlining where and how you talk

SIP Trunking

Reduce costs and promote mobility opportunities and intelligence to your voice communications

Internet Connections

Robust infrastructure solutions to keep your mission critical workloads available and ready for the future

VoIP Phone Service

Legacy business technology like PSTN (public switch telephone network) can be tremendously expensive to install and operate.

VoIP phone service has emerged as a very attractive alternative to legacy phone services. VoIP is so capable (not to mention cost-effective) that there’s no reason for most businesses to continue footing the bill for traditional landline service.

NBN has also deprecated some of the technologies businesses have relied on for phone connectivity, such as copper wire.

Whether you want to save money or are being forced to find a new solution, VoIP is the flexible, scalable and often cloud-based solution to your voice connectivity problem. Your business can adjust the number of lines and extensions via an intuitive software interface. And those extensions can be routed to “hard” or “soft” phones (traditional handsets or software-based solutions such as Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business).

Additionally, your team will have the freedom to answer VoIP calls from nearly any device, anywhere in the world.

Because your VoIP system is internet-based, fees and rates are dramatically different. Internal calls (including calls between multiple offices on the same network or using VPN) cost nothing, relying on your internal bandwidth and nothing more.

A modern VoIP solution is the cost-effective, portable evolution of business voice connectivity.

Voice and Internet Starts with a Strong Internet Connection

The NBN initiative has transformed internet connectivity throughout the country for residents and businesses alike.

We connect our business customers using business grade internet that is provided over NBN. For most companies, service is delivered over a high-speed fibre connection.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)

Through SIP, all your traffic from voice and data sources routes over one internet connection. You no longer need to maintain distinct business ISDN phone service because SIP can replace that functionality.

If you prefer to keep your ISDN lines, SIP can work in tandem with that protocol.

Cloud PBX – 3CX

One of the reasons that business phone service can be so expensive is the reliance on access to PBX technology (private branch exchange). The equipment that interfaces your legacy phone system with the public utility is complex, and it isn’t cheap.

Here, too, cloud-based technology offers a better, less expensive alternative.

That’s what Cloud PBX by 3CX is. Let someone else handle the complex equipment needed to access PBX.

3CX offers this platform to thousands of businesses, and they can scale your connectivity needs far faster than you could do it yourself on legacy systems. By using their internet-based configuration tools, your business gains powerful flexibility in voice communications.

Your Melbourne Partner for Voice and Internet Services

With Jinba IT as your Melbourne partner for voice and internet, your business gains excellent connectivity without a bloated price tag.

Ready to move into the future?