Benefits of an IT audit: When was your last company check-up?

Aug 24, 2020 | IT Auditing, Managed IT

With a large number of Australians currently working from home, businesses are relying on their IT department now more than ever.

Supporting and maintaining a functional and secure IT environment was already taking up the time of IT departments across the country before a wave of new devices, operating systems and a whole lot of new issues entered the environment.

Many may not even know there is a better way. This is where IT auditing comes in.

What is involved in an IT audit?

IT auditing is undertaken for a number of reasons often relating to performance, compliance, cost and security.

During the auditing process, an IT specialist will assess a company’s infrastructure, policies and information. There are generally a number of different steps that will often vary depending on the nature and the needs of the business. Some of these include:

  • Risk assessments for the many aspects of a company’s IT department
    • Identifying technology-related risks in an organisation, and creating recommendations specific to the business to mitigate these.
  • Assessing the businesses readiness for new and upcoming technology in the market.
    • Technology is changing all the time, with new threats, vulnerabilities and opportunities for innovation constantly arising.
  • Evaluating systems and applications to ensure they are secure, reliable and effective.
    • This will also often include evaluation of the use of these systems and applications.
    • Ensuring effectiveness and efficiency of the technology itself and the current use by employees.
  • Auditing the information security of the company.
    • Including the level of user training and other internal controls, vulnerabilities and whether there is an adequate and up-to-date security strategy.

Top benefits of an IT audit

We could probably say the benefits of an IT audit are endless… but we’re definitely biased.

Reduce Risk

The top of everyone’s list when it comes to an IT audit is to identify, minimise and remove risks. While these risks may look different from business to business, the only way to be truly free of them is to disconnect yourself from the internet. While that may sound great sometimes, that’s not exactly a viable business option.

In the meantime – let’s find them and manage them.

Some of these may look like risks to availability of your systems (to your clients or your staff!), or risk to the integrity or confidentiality of data you may be storing or sharing.

Reduce Cost

You wouldn’t believe how many people we speak to that have found miscellaneous software subscriptions slowly chipping away at their business bank accounts. I can say the same about that gym membership I haven’t used in years. Even a basic audit would help in picking up these loose ends.

On the larger scale of this, many businesses are often using outdated software or hardware, costing them so much more than the modern, more easily accessible and user-friendly upgrades.

Improve governance & ensure compliance

IT governance aligns business goals and objectives with the overarching IT strategy. Investing in IT and modern technology can advance businesses exponentially, but can sometimes do the opposite without a well thought-out plan.

Majority of businesses in some way will be subject to a number of regulations regarding privacy and safety of data, financial accountability and more. An IT governance framework tailored to your business, your stakeholders, your staff and your clients, will give you better visibility of how the technology in your environment is used, and any gaps that may need to be filled.

Undertaking an IT audit doesn’t have to be a complicated – or expensive – ordeal. We would always recommend having experienced IT service providers assess your environment as the kind of insights and experience gained can be invaluable.

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