Jazz Up Your Microsoft Teams Experience: Creating and Rocking Avatars in Teams

Jun 16, 2023 | Microsoft 365, Productivity Tools

In this fast-paced digital world, virtual collaboration has become a big part of our work lives.

Now, Microsoft Teams, the coolest communication and teamwork platform (maybe we’re biased here), has a nifty feature that amps up the virtual experience: avatars!

These little digital doppelgangers let you show off your style and personality in meetings and chats, making things more fun and personal.

In this blog post, we’ll groove through the steps of creating and using avatars on Microsoft Teams and chat about how they can make your virtual interactions pop!

Avatars on Microsoft Teams

Creating Your Avatar

Teams Avatars - get started
  1. Once you’ve fired up your Teams desktop or web app, the easiest way I found to open up Avatars is to simply search it in the search bar at the top and select it from there.
  2. Install the app and click “Get started” – and let the fun begin!
Teams avatars - select base avatar
  1. Select your base avatar to get started – to be honest you can change it completely once you get to the next page, but use this as a nice starting off point!
  1. Pick your hairstyle, facial features, accessories (like party hats), and clothes to create an avatar that’s totally you. Mix and match until you’ve got an avatar that feels like a perfect match.

You’re the director of this show!

  1. Once you’re happy with your creation, hit “Save” to make it official. Let the virtual world see the real you!
Teams Avatars customisation screen

Avatar Versions

3 versions of avatars on Teams

You also have the ability to create 3 separate versions of your avatar to mix it up depending on the meeting, person, mood… anything really!

Using Your Avatar in Teams Meetings and Chats

Using Teams Avatars in a video call

While in a video call, click ‘More‘ > ‘Effects and avatars, opening the panel to the right.

From here you can select which version of you that you’re feeling, plus over 40 avatar reactions to use throughout your calls.

Unleash the power of your avatar in Microsoft Teams, and watch the magic happen!

Presence and Personalization: Your avatar brings a visual flair, even if you’re not on video, making meetings and chats feel more personal and connected.

Branding and Professionalism: Showcase your company’s style or your professional vibe with a customized avatar, bringing that extra touch of polished professionalism to your virtual engagements.

Visual Engagement: Avatars make it easier to recognize and remember each other, sparking lively interactions and turning virtual gatherings into an animated party.

Accessibility and Inclusivity: Avatars are ace for folks who might be camera-shy or have unique accessibility needs, ensuring they’re a part of the virtual fun.

Best Practices for Avatars

As you groove with your avatar on Microsoft Teams, keep these handy tips in mind:

Stay Professional: Make sure your avatar maintains a (relatively) professional image that fits with your organisation’s guidelines and policies.

Respect and Include: Be a team player and avoid avatars that could offend or exclude anyone. Let’s make the virtual stage welcoming to all.

Keep It Fresh: Jazz up your avatar from time to time to reflect any style changes or to keep up with your company’s evolving branding.

Avatars on Microsoft Teams are like a hip tune that takes your virtual collaborations to the next level. They let you express your personality, foster connections, and create an inclusive space.

Your avatar helps folks identify and remember you, even when video is off or accessibility is a consideration. And hey, when you customise your avatar to match your company’s vibe or your own personal style, it turns up the dial on your virtual experience.

Remember, keep it professional, be kind, and stay inclusive when it comes to avatars.

As we groove through this era of remote work and virtual interactions, avatars on Microsoft Teams are the secret sauce that adds flavor and pizzazz to your communication and collaboration.

So don’t wait! Get your avatar rocking on Microsoft Teams today and let your virtual presence shine!

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