Top 10 Cyber Security Companies Melbourne [2024]

Jan 23, 2024 | IT Security

In the modern business environment, cyber security has become a critical aspect of any organisation’s digital strategy.

Melbourne, a bustling tech hub in Australia, boasts a multitude of cyber security companies that offer varied and advanced services to protect businesses from cyber threats.

Below is an expanded overview of the top 10 cyber security companies in Melbourne, each offering unique services to safeguard digital assets and ensure business continuity.

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Jinba IT

Jinba IT website homepage

As a leading player in the cyber security field, Jinba IT specialises in offering tailored security solutions that align with the specific needs of businesses.

Their approach involves a thorough understanding of each client’s unique environment, ensuring that the solutions provided are not just effective but also efficient in addressing individual security concerns.

Steadfast Solutions

Steadfast Solutions homepage

Known for its comprehensive cyber security services, Steadfast Solutions focuses on endpoint security, antivirus software, incident response, and cloud security.

Their approach involves creating custom strategies that are designed to meet the specific security requirements of their clients. With an emphasis on high-quality support, Steadfast Solutions ensures that businesses are equipped to handle various cyber threats​​.

Unified IT

Unified IT homepage

An award-winning IT services company, Unified IT offers end-to-end IT solutions, products, and proactive managed services.

They are recognised for their advanced cyber security solutions backed by Cisco Systems, providing multilayered protection and advanced antivirus software for various devices.

Powernet (formerly ITtelligent)

Powernet homepage

Specialising in small to medium businesses, Powernet offers IT support and cyber security solutions, including advanced detection, Essential 8, and 24/7 monitoring.

They are particularly noted for their specialisation in dark web monitoring and use of Microsoft technologies​​.

Australia Wide I.T.

Australia Wide IT homepage

A member of the Australian Cyber Security Centre, this company prioritises cyber security and integrates the ACSC’s Essential Eight Maturity Model with their methodologies.

They offer remote support tools and have a team of highly qualified technicians​​.


Gridware homepage

Gridware stands out with its expertise in audits, penetration testing, and digital forensics. Their services are particularly beneficial for industries such as education and finance.

What sets Gridware apart is their commitment to prioritising their customers, ensuring that their systems are robust against cyber threats​​.


Trustwave homepage

Trustwave has enhanced its service offerings through the acquisition of the Melbourne-based cyber security firm, Hivint, in 2018.

They provide a comprehensive suite of security services, ranging from database security to managed detection and response, helping organisations protect their most valuable assets: data and reputation​​.

Seccom Global

Seccom Global homepage

As a managed security service provider, Seccom Global is known for its comprehensive approach to cyber security.

They offer a range of services designed to protect businesses from the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats​​.

vCloud Group

vCloud Group homepage

This company is known for its extensive knowledge of cloud and digital security, offering threat protection and management services for companies reliant on robust cloud infrastructures​​.

Q1 Group

Q1 Group homepage

A cyber security consulting company, Q1 Group supports businesses in threat and incident management, big data analytics, risk consulting, and more, helping organisations mitigate risks and protect against cyber threats​​.

Find A Partner That Fits Your Business

These top cyber security companies in Melbourne offer a range of services that cater to different aspects of digital security.

From penetration testing and incident response to risk assessments and cloud security, these firms provide critical services that help businesses protect their digital assets and maintain their operational integrity in the face of evolving cyber threats.

As cyber risks continue to grow, partnering with these experts can be a strategic move for businesses looking to improve their cyber security posture and protect their business.

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